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6 important features for vendors

6 important Features for vendors on kutenga.mw

Are you a businessperson who wants to sell products and services online without the stress of setting up your own website? Kutenga.mw makes it easy for your business to have an online presence, sell products to your customers, and so many more in one place. The power remains in your hands while we make sure it all goes smoothly. Here are some features we offer our vendors:-

Vendor Dashboard

features for vendors: vendor dashboard

The most important feature for any business is the dashboard. It gives you a quick analysis of your entire business on the go. It shows statics on the amount of products you have sold and have distributed to your customers.

It also gives a detailed analysis on the current orders vendors have gotten from your customers. The important thing is it shows the status of the order, whether it has already been fulfilled or if it is still a standing order. It also suggests the action that is needed to be done, that way you are always on top of your game.

Stock Management

features for vendors: Stock management

Vendors have full control of their stock and it’s management. Once you start selling on kutenga.mw, then everything from adding products to your store is pretty easy.

On the products dashboard, you are able to quickly view how products will be shown on the front-end of your store to customers. You are able to share images of the products, and list the quantity that is in stock. This helps you know when you are running out of stock.

Perhaps an important feature here is that you are able to set the reorder quantity which can be triggered once it is reached. This allows that you are never out of stock and do not have to lose customers to competitors due to lack of products.

Order Management

Screenshot 24

Kutenga.mw found it crucial to create a platform for vendors to be able to fulfil their orders efficiently and effectively, while increasing their customer value. To make sure this goal is achieved, we made sure that vendors receive emails each time an order of their product is posted.

This is to help with a timely delivery of the products to achieve customer satisfaction. Likewise, when the products have been sent (either through courier or any mode), the customer is notified.

Marketing Services

Screenshot 25

We understand that in order for your business to grow, you need an effective marketing plan to maximize your profits. As a vendor, you have the access to create personified promotional and discount codes that can be used when customers are buying your products.

Customers are able to use this codes during checkout by inserting the codes in order to save big on their purchases. You are also able to decide how long these codes can last for so that customers know when their discounts will be available to redeem.


Screenshot 27

When customers leave reviews on products, it automatically assures the next customers that you are to be trusted. On Kutenga, customers are able to leave both reviews and ratings based on the products they have bought and the overall customer experience they have received.

The ratings gotten are then automatically calculated to give the vendor an overall rating that is shown on their store profile to customers.

Money Withdrawal

Screenshot 26

Perhaps something that has been at the back of your mind is how you will be able to withdraw the money realized from your sales. Well, we’ve made it very easy. Vendors will be able to link their business bank accounts to their stores on kutenga.mw.

On the dashboard, the balance from sales will show through the kutenga card. Each time a withdrawal has to be made, vendors will need to request for it, and the amount of money they wish to take out. Once the request has been processed, money will be credited from your stores account, and debited to your bank account.

A confirmation email will be sent to you.

Vendors Subscription Fees

Screenshot 28

To top it all off, we have made sure to provide all these and more at affordable rates for our vendors.

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