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digital transformation and economic growth

Digital Transformation and how it drives economic growth

Digital transformation is now at the forefront of economic growth in a lot of countries. Countries that embraced digital technologies from the beginning are now seeing the boost of their economies. In smaller countries like Malawi, infusion of such technologies are slowly being integrated. Kutenga as a platform indicates the shift of the paradigm of how businesses can conduct operations on the internet, and how customers are able to select from a wide range of products. Although many economists and IT specialists encourage in digital transformation in order to grow the economy, it is still met with resistance. So just how does digital technologies improve economies?

Digital technologies have impacted on the way of life; from how we live and interact, how we consume, and more. Likewise, it has had a shift on businesses and how they are run; it has shaped new ways of production, new ways of service delivery, and the business structures. A good example in these days are how businesses were run during peak Covid-19 era. Having employees work from home, while maintaining minimum levels of production and service delivery.

This shows the shift in the economic innovations that are now available. However, it is important to note that these technologies are always changing to better adapt to the new ways of thinking. For business who want to achieve growth through the opportunities that are available, it is important that they are able to make changes as per the transformations available.

For that to happen, players in the economies need to understand the importance of integrating ICT, the human knowledge, and physical attributes in creating models that will help them improve their business models to produce better goods and services for the global market.

Business that resist the opportunities provided by the shifting economic paradigms can easily be frustrated and lose out on the market.

How Kutenga.mw Is Creating An Environment that allows Digital Transformation Adaptation

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In order for economies to grow, policymakers and organizations need to create environments that are inclusive for everyone. When the policies do not favor people with low income, it hinders growth. Digital technologies should be made to be consumed by the masses to enjoy the benefits that they offer by including them in our economies.

Here are four components that Kutenga is focusing on:

  • Access: Kutenga has created a platform that is accessible by the society as a whole, which does not discriminate and offer the same opportunities to everyone. Buyers and sellers have access to affordable products that are available countrywide. Using this platform also allows both to have access to courier services for easy transportation of products. All these are integrated in one.
  • Use: by creating this platform, Kutenga is encouraging businesses and customers to migrate to digital ways of trading. Making sure that sellers have access to a vast number of customers. At the same time, customers have the ability to choose from a wide range of products and get maximum satisfaction.
  • Trust: One of the reasons digital transformation is frowned upon is because of the lack of trust. Issues of money not received while products have been dispatched or vice versa discourage others from trading online. Kutenga ensures that businesses run smoothly. They act like the middleman in the trade. This allows that both sellers and customers minimize the risk of losing money or their goods to internet scammers.
  • Innovation: the Kutenga platform is the first of its kind in Malawi. One of our goals is to continue offering innovative solutions to daily problems in our society

Kutenga is creating a one-stop-shop for customers across the country. We want you to be able to find anything that you need on the go. As we partner with more suppliers, we are also partnering with different players of the value chain to make sure that the products purchased are of great quality and are able to reach consumers in the shortest amount of time.

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