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Whether you sell electronics, clothing, baby items, toys, or any other goods, in Malawi, you can sell your goods online.

Find a place to sell your items on our platform. We will help you market your goods and deliver them to the customer.

Kutenga.mw is working on bringing this to Malawi.

Want to sell on our platform, send us your details in the form below and sign up for freemium

What is Freemium?

The freemium plan involves allowing sellers to list and sell their products on the platform for free, but charging a commission fee for additional features or services such as enhanced product visibility, analytics, or marketing tools.

How much is the commission for Freemium?

The freemium plan charges a 12.5% commission fee.

How many products can I upload?

You can only upload up to 10 products.

How will I pay for commission?

The freemium plan deducts commission fee on products sold only. Meaning no up-front fee.

How do you receive your money?

Kutenga.mw will pay your money into the bank account registered when signing contract

How long will Freemium be available?

This is being offered through our sales associates for a limited time. Please fill the form below if you are interested.

For more frequently answered questions, visit help.kutenga.mw