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Review of kutenga.mw: An easy place to buy and sell

Malawi is seeing a growth of e-commerce websites, just recently, the kutenga.mw website was launched. Kutenga is a platform that aims at connecting businesses to their targeted customers by allowing them to sell their products and services on this site. This is the first of its kind in Malawi, which gives me a thrill to review it.

A lot of people that read my blog, especially those that have followed my SEO journey, understand my love for websites. I love when a website is efficient and effective to the needs of the users. So, there are a couple of things I will be looking for when I go through the kutenga.mw site. Let’s get into it.

Kutenga.mw Review:

1. Load Time

One of the things that I was happy with was the load time of the Kutenga website. It takes approximately one second to load the kutenga.mw. Not only is this convenient, but it also would prompt people to buy from them. Little things like the load speed will have a direct effect on the conversion rate of the site.

Another additional pro of having a fantastic load speed is that it will likely help kutenga rank higher on different search engines organically without having to buy ad spaces.

2. Design

The first thing that greets you when you get on the Kutenga website are the product categories, then a banner of all their new products. Overall, the homepage of the site is very clean filled with colors that pop. It is great that their Call-To-Action buttons are easy to find, and are quick to load.

One look at the site tells you that it is a lifestyle website. Check out the images below to see the little cut-outs

The design of the website also ensures that one is able to easily navigate around it. It is not complicated, and has the most needful buttons hovering when you scroll which is perfect for an e-commerce website.

Another great thing is the fonts used which are readable, and how the colors pop. The right colors and fonts increase the usability and also prompt people to buy whatever is being sold.

3. Buying experience

It would not be an adequate review if we did not check the overall buying experience that customers will have once they interact with the site. After going through the current catalog of products on offer for sale, I decided to go for the summer collection because which girl does not like cute accessories. I added it to my cart and when on to do the check-out.

The check-out system was so easy, just have to fill out the little form where you state your name and location. Unfortunately, they are only able to send items within Lilongwe. This meant that I could not confirm my order.

However, the buying experience just seemed so easy to navigate. I will give kudos to the team for making sure that the site is well accelerated for mobile phones making each page load fast. Saved me time.

4. Vending experience

I decided to also check out the vending experience, with more emphasis on how easy it is to become a vendor on kutenga.mw. I went on the application page and was thrilled to find a short form that asked the essential questions. All one has to do is fill out their name, phone number, and the products they will be selling on the platform.

kutenga.mw vendor form

Immediately after filling out the form, I received an email that the application was being processed and would receive a phone call from their sales team in a short period. Thirty minutes later, I had received the phone call and we were there chatting about how trading on Kutenga would boost my business.

kutenga email

5. Overall business

When one decides to do a business transaction on places like Facebook, there is so much risk that is taken from both the seller and buyer ends. The risk of transacting with scammers and losing your products or money. Getting products that are contrary to what you were sold, and not being able to return it. This is because their marketplace lacks a proper policy for people to follow. It protects no one.

Kutenga has made sure to close those gaps and make sure people transact in a safer business environment. Their site properly declares the policies they stand by. It is important that if you are going to use this platform whether for buying or selling reasons, to make sure you read these policies and their terms and conditions.

Some of the policies to read are their Return Policy, Shipping Policies, and Privacy Policy.

Overall, I see this platform becoming one of the best e-commerce platforms in Malawi and beyond. Once they connect with more of their value-chain (sellers, courier companies, and more), it will be a sort out platform. Once they expand the locations they are able to ship to, it will be the most reliable marketplace the country has seen.