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An e-commerce business sells goods, services, and funds over the Internet. In Malawi, most businesses have not yet caught up to this trend, let alone have websites to reach their customers.  Starting an e-commerce business or rather migrating your business online, is like opening a new branch of your business which is open 24/7.  You’ll also need to choose an e-commerce platform such as https://kutenga.mw/  to sell your products and market them to online customers.

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An E-Commerce option gives your customers access to you 24/7

The following steps illustrate how to set up your online business:

1. Define your market

The first step in starting any business is to hone your market. Understanding the type of clients that will visit the site is critical for the success of your online business. Making sure that you have the demand, is indeed there for you will ensure the success of your business.

2. Set up your business

Once you’ve solidified your partner (i.e. www.kutenga.mw), the next step is to set your company up for success.

This includes back-office steps like:

  • Choosing your package: Considering the size of your business, www.kutenga.mw has 3 packages that satisfy different types of needs, the basic package (up 15 items), the pro package (up to 45 items), and the enterprise package (up to 100 items).
  • Complete your online application form. Consult our agents and get assistance in filling out the form.
  • Verification of account: After you have completed your application the Kutenga team will verify your account, once verified you can now start uploading your products.
  • Set up your banking details: Add your banking details in order for you to withdraw your money after your goods have been sold.
  • Filling out the KYC form:  Like all institutions that deal with financials, you are required to fill out a KYC form by law.
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Just a few clicks, and you’re all set up!

3. Source or develop your products

Next, you’ll need to source the products you’re going to sell. If you’re selling physical products, you may need to make them yourself or work with a manufacturer, upload them on our site and you are ready to sell.

5. Figure out order fulfillment

Order fulfillment is the process of getting customers’ purchases in their hands. Kutenga offers shipping options, which is the first step in the fulfillment process. If you choose to handle order fulfillment yourself, research shipping rates so you have a sense of how much it’ll cost.

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Your products delivered to your customer’s doorstep…

6. Market your products

Now that you have your products or services listed on Kutenga and your account is up and running, you’re ready to start serving customers.

Kutenga’s marketing strategy includes:

  • marketing, in which you pay popular social media creators to plug your products. 
  • Social media content or paid social media ads.
  • Optimizing your business website for search engines.
  • Sending email campaigns to past and future customers.

Once all these steps are completed, watch your business grow, as we reach customers you wouldn’t have normally been able to reach. You now have the convenience of being open 24/7 and your clients can shop at their own convenience. Sign up today and enjoy the benefits of having an online presence.

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