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Kugulitsa Kwaphweka, Selling made easy

Shop owners don’t have to worry about payments or delivery of their goods to customers anymore. Kutenga.mw is a multi-vendor Ecommerce platform designed for shop owners and customers in Malawi.

Shop owners can upload their products onto the platform, and customers can purchase their desired items just by one click. Kutenga.mw will also track and analyse all sales made instead of the shop owners recording their sales with pen and paper something that over 80% of shop owners in Malawi do.

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Features on Our Platform

Hassle–Free Logistics

From handling delivery and returns, we've make online retail easier than ever

Sponsor your products

Promote your fast selling products individually.

Safe & Secure Payments

Payments are made directly to you two times per month.

Data Analytics

Track how often your products are clicked.


Get in-depth insight into your customers


We aim to provide our customers with quality products and ensure our vendors are providing those products.


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