About Kutenga.mw

Kutenga can help SMEs in Malawi without lifting a finger in 2023

Our goal for SMEs

We have seen a growth in internet reliance, in recent years, especially after COVID-19, where we have seen a change in consumer behavior, as they are now gravitating more towards online shopping. This change in behavior has made the internet an integral part of our lives in Malawi. With increased internet access, as it is cheaper now, we are moving towards a time when Malawi will be internet-dependent. Introduction of E-commerce platforms such as https://www.kutenga.mw/ can play a major role in the growth of Small and Medium Sized enterprises (SMEs).

Benefits of Kutenga.mw for Small Businesses

1.         Increased Business Reach

The biggest advantage of Kutenga.mw is that opens up businesses to customers they wouldn’t know normally reach physically. By signing up with Kutenga, business owners have the ability to sell their products countrywide from their current location. With the extended reach, comes the ability to reach a different demographic of shoppers, and builds a bigger market base. Kutenga’s commitment to compliance and security will give shoppers the peace of mind that they will get what they ordered, in a timely manner and in good condition. With just a click of a button, your customer would have access to you.

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Reach more customers online

2.         Increased Business Revenue

Using Kutenga.mw widens the customer base, which will in turn impact sales, and it will increase revenue. It is the equivalent of opening multiple locations without the major overhead costs such as rent, utilities, and salaries to mention a few, thus increasing the potential of the SME to earn more without spending much.

3.         Search Engine Traffic

With the increased internet use and access, reaching potential customers is a lot easier, thanks to the search engine traffic, attracting an audience to the website. Through search engine optimization Kutenga.mw can land well in the search engines and start receiving recurring traffic to your store. With the best E-Commerce practices, Kutenga.mw can convert these to a steady flow of customers for SMEs by making the website SEO-friendly to appear in the searches and attract more traffic.

4.         Low Operational Cost

Another benefit of SMEs taking advantage of Kutenga.mw is that SMEs will not have to spend more on physical stores at all the locations they want to reach new potential customers. This will keep the business’ operational cost on the lower side. SMEs will now have access to customers from all across the country, and their operational costs are kept at a minimum.

5.         Flexibility

As the business would now be run online, SMEs can remain open for new orders and customers 24/7, which is gives the SMEs an upper leg on their competitors as they are now not only available during the traditional 9 am to 5 pm times. So, by signing up with Kutenga, SMEs can receive orders 24/7 increasing the chances of converting sales as customers are s.

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6.         Ease of Product Tracking

Tracking a product online can be one of the most important advantages of using Kutenga.mw. SMEs can easily know the status of their inventory and can monitor the movement of stock. This way you can see where the product is and when will it reach your customer.

Alternatively, you can also track products that will soon run out of stock in your inventory and stock more inventory as per the requirements.

In Conclusion the advantages of Kutenga.mw are numerous. We will save time and energy, and also you can sell your product to a huge audience all over the country with just a mouse click. Compared to other businesses, it is cost-effective. By minimizing the damage to operations and increasing sales through better reach, you can do wonders for your business with Kutenga.mw.